The Internet is full of virtual sex and porn. There are many people spending loads of time in front of their computer screens, getting aroused by watching colour pixels. Some of them go even further in this respect and, thanks to their webcams, they become pixels themselves. They create a visual representation of themselves with the aim of sexually arousing other users (perhaps). To which extent they identify with their digital images is a question to be asked.

These people need to be caressed and touched; nevertheless they have decided to search for it in the impersonal world of technologies. On this account, I visited a service that connects users via webcam and chat. Using a smart program, instead of showing them my body, I sent them back a picture of their own bodies, supplemented with a movable hand cursor. Using this virtual hand, I was stroking their digital bodies.

PS: This video doesn’t include any naked bodies :)

Digital touch

Example of dialogue

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