The aim of these images is to explore the creative potential of the mobile service Instagram. It enables its users to modify their digital photos simply by applying colour filters, enhancing thus their visual attractiveness. Due to its easy use, mass usage and a relatively unified format of the final image Instagram has been mentioned several times by artists in the context of decadence of photography and visual creativity.

I am trying to approach this service from a different point of view. My interest lies only in the available colour filters, exploring them in their purest essence. In spite of using them for a modification or improvement of a picture, I rather understand them as a stand-alone tool for creation and generation of the image. The final works are thus based only on single coloured canvas and the available image modifications.

There is only the pure white (or black) at the beginning of my creative process. This is where I repeatedly apply the available image transformations (filters, rotation and contrast change). It feels as if I had only blank canvas and Instagram filters were my sole brush and paint...

The process of creation

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